Maharishi Sthapatya Veda

The Pearl Condo


MUM North Campus Village


2 Bedroom Apartment -Main Level Rented.... 2 Bedroom Apartment -Lower Level Available
On the northern plain of Maharishi University of Management (MUM) campus lies the Pearl Condo. The Pearl has beautiful views of the Silver Lakes area on the east. Boardered on the south of the condo is the walking path to the Golden Domes (the domes are a 12 minute walk away) and one of the largest Vastus in Fairfield. The sunrises are unobstructed and beautiful.

The condo was completed in late 2002 using the latest technolgies of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda including the principle of the sun shining through the buildling. Also the Brahmastan, the center point in the condo, is clearly laid out in the foyer with a short marble pillar. The principle of shine through is seen here also with glass pane in the east entry door and a stained glass window on the west side. Many of the Maharishi Sthapatya Veda apartments for rent in Fairfield and even Maharishi Vedic City were built before these new principles of Vedic Architecture were implemented.

The main level apartment with 910 square feet has two bedrooms, hard wood floors, a Jacuzzi tub, varied pastel colors throughout and a lovely 279 square foot deck.

The lower level apartment with 650 square feet has one bedroom, full kitchen, meditation room, large western window, and abundant storage space.

Both apartments are energy efficient and well insulated with energy costs for both units running approximately 1/3 less than a two bedroom trailer.

Contacts: To make an appointment to see the condo or for more information call, Mary or Cliff at 808 754-2308 or email us at . No pets are permitted in the building.

View of the East Entrance from the Path to the Domes
East Entrance
View of the North Side with Deck
View to the South East from Entry Way